Janna Oxford

Janna Oxford, FFA Teacher at North Putnam High School, was one of the recipients of the Excellence in Teaching Award for April. 

Janna graduated from Purdue University.  She has taught at North Putnam for 8 years.  She brings a different set of skills and experiences to our Agriculture Educator team.  She is the perfect match to the experience and knowledge of Mrs. Skirvin.  The two are able to work collaboratively together to impact more students, and provide additional opportunities for students in areas where the other might be less confident.  She is a planner and organizer for the department.  She also develops great relationships with students and is able to push them to meet their highest potential.  She enjoys cake decorating, woodworking, and being a 4-H volunteer.  Congratulations to Janna Oxford.  We are very proud of her.